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NEM Comments
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Title Description
NEM - FERC Comments on PJM NEM Opposes Proposed Changes to Reliability Assurance Agreement for the PJM System - 4-25-2001
NEM - FERC Comments on NYISO NEM urges the Commission to Approve and Implement Demand Response System - 4-25-2001
NEM PJM Motion to Intervene and Comments Load Response Program - NEM Strongly supports the Program
NEM FERC Comments - PJM Load Response Program Program Allows Consumers to Respond to Market Price Signals
NEM Comments on Form EIA- 911 A-C Proposed Form on Bi-Weekly Surveys to Assess Effects of Interruption of Natural Gas Supplies in the NE US
NEM Comments on Form EIA- 910 Proposed Form on Monthly Natural Gas Marketer Survey
NEM Comments to Federal Trade Commission Retail Electricity Competition Plans - V010003, March 30, 2001
NEM Files Comments to FERC Removing Obstacles to Increased Electric Generation and Gas Supply in the Western U.S. March 29, 2001
NEM Response to NYSEG's letter of March 22,2001 Electric Price Protection Plan March 28, 2001
NEM Statement on Proposed ConEd Settlement March 16, 2001 Should perform a "bottoms up" analysis. Phase 4
NEM Letter NYSEG Price Protection Plan March 16, 2001 Reject NYSEG's proposal and institute "Bottoms Up" unbundling of NYSEG's system.
NEM - NY Comments in DG Proceeding Distributed Generation Case No. 00-E-0005 February 27, 2001
NEM Submits Comments in NY Farm and Food Processor Electric Pilot Program
NEM Submits House Testimony The California Energy Crisis and Recommendaitons for Federal Legislation
NEM Submits Comments in CA San Diego Gas & Electric's Direct Access Program - Resolution E-3726
NYSEG - NEM Files Comments Case 96-E-0891 NEM urges rejection of NYSEG's Compliance filing for back-out credits
NEM Submits Testimony to Senate Committee On Energy and Natural Resources, The California Energy Crisis and Recommendation for Federal Legislation
NEM Comments - Gas Customer Choice In Michigan On Small LDC Permanent Gas Customer Choice Programs - SEMCO and MGU
NEM Comments in NY on the Commission's adoption of Uniform Business Practices for the Retail Electric Market (UBP Report).
NEM Comments in PA Interim Guidelines Regarding Advance Docket No. M-00001437 Notification by an Electric Generation Supplier of Impending Changes Affecting Customer Service.
NEM Comments on Michigan Gas Choice Program, on Further Unbundling of LDC Rates and Services.
NEM Comments on FERC's Proposed California Natural Gas Marketers' Reports.
NEM Comments on BGE's Voluntary Electric Energy Monitoring and Use Pilot Program Proposal.
NEM Comments on on Proposed Form EIA-910 Monthly Natural Gas Marketer Survey
NEM Files Comments In New York Matter of Electronic Data Interchange Collaborative Filing - Case 98-M-0667
NEM Files Comments in Michigan on Anti-Slamming and Anti-Cramming Procedures
NEM Comments on CA Wholesale Markets Comments on Market Order Proposing Remedies for Wholesale Electrics
NEM Files Comments in Iowa Small Volume Gas Transportation Proceeding
NEM Comments on Proposed EIA Gas Biller Survey Proposed Form EIA-905 would improperly impose significant and costly new reporting and record-keeping burdens never intended by Congress
NEM Comments in NYSEG Back Out Rates Case NEM has filed comments in the NYSEG Back Out Rates Case in response to NYPSC ALJ Notice.
Wet Signatures Add Costs to Energy Bills Bill Kinneary - VP & COO of Keyspan Energy - Energy Markets Article about
VA - NEMA Intent to File Comments Case No. PUE990349, June 14, 1999 Matter Concerning the participation of incumbent elec utilities in regional transmission entities.
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