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NEM Pleadings
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Title Description
PA-NEM Answer and MOL on Standing NEM Answer and Memorandum of Law on Standing in Columbia Gas Price Protection Service Case
NEM Submits NYSEG Trial Brief Unbundling Proceeding, Nov. 4, 2002
NEM Files IL Initial Brief Commonwealth Edison Co. Docket No. 02-0479 Rate 6L to 3MW and greater customers
NEM Files MI Initial Brief Detroit Edison's case in unbundling Retail Electric Rates
NEM Files IL Petition NEM petition to institute Internet and telephonic enrollment.
NEM Submits MD Discussion Proposal NEM Submits discussion proposal in Customer Termination Proceeding
NEM CA Brief - Competitive Metering NEM, IMServ and Applied Metering Technologies support continued provision of competitive metering.
NEM Files MD Reply Brief Final In Standard Offer Service - SOS
NEM MD SOS Brief Standard Offer Service law requires SOS be provided by competitive suppliers directly to retail customers.
NEM PUHCA Letter to Senator Bingaman NEM Opposes Application of PUHCA Requirements to Power Marketers
NEM Submits Iowa Letter On Principles for Development of Small Volume Gas Transportation Programs
NEM Submits NYSEG Letter On Market Based Backout Credit in support of Petition For Rehearing
NEM Submits NYSEG Letter On Joint Proposal - Price Protection Plan
NEM MD Petition To Intervene Into the Competitive Selection of Electricity Supplier/Standard Offer Service
NEM IL - Files Comm Ed. Reply Brief In Delivery Services Proceeding, December 21, 2001
NEM Files NY Response to Motions For Stay and Petition for Rehearing. NEM Urges Commission to deny the stay and petition for rehearing.
NEM Files Letter to Arizona Corporation Commission NEM has concerns about a proposal to reexamine electric restructuring.
NEM Files Letter to Iowa Utilities Board NEM wants to actively participate in IUB's small volume gas workshops.
NEM Files IL Initial Brief Commonwealth Edison's residential Delivery Services Proceeding.
NEM NY FIles Motion For Clarification NEM strongly supports the Commission's directive, but seeks clarification of the intended use of forward looking cost studies.
NEM IL- Files Reply Brief - North Shore Gas NEM Files reply brief in the Small Volume Gas Transportation Proceeding - 12-4-2001
NEM IL- Files Reply Brief - Peoples Gas NEM Files reply brief in the Small Volume Gas Transportation Proceeding - 12-4-2001
NEM IL Files Initial Brief - Peoples Gas Proposal to revise Riders SVT, AGG, Rider 2, Terms and Conditions - Nov. 20, 2001
NEM IL Files Initial Brief - N. Shore Gas Proposal to revise Riders SVT, AGG, Rider 2, Terms and Conditions - Nov. 20, 2001
NEM Files Letter With NYPSC Requesting Commission Clarification of Procedural Schedule in Unbundling Proceeding Nov. 15, 2001
Marketers in MA Submit Letter to DTE NEM and other marketers respectfully urge the DTE to deny the A.G.s motion for Reconsideration and Clarification. Nov. 8, 2001
NEM Letter to GA PSC on Proposed Gas Marketer Audits NEM has concerns that a proposal would require marketers to open their books and records for a Commission audit.
NEM Files IL Rebuttal Testimony in ComEd Delivery Services Proceeding by Craig Goodman.
NEM Amicus Brief On State Action Defense NEM Argues that the state action defense was improperly applied to utility's anti-competitive conduct.
NEM MI Brief in Reply to Exceptions - DTE NEM urges the Commission to reject the Exceptions set forth by Detroit Edison.
NEM Response to NYSEG Price Protection Plan Pursuant to Judge Stockholm's August 17, 2001, and July 17, 2001 Procedural Rulings
NEM Files Direct Testimony in Illinois Delivery Services Proceeding - the proposed delivery services rate should not include reallocation from generation to distribution and transmission.
NEM NY Brief on POLR Proceeding The suggestion to defer removing utilities from the merchant function should be rejected.
OH Reply on Telephonic Enrollment This new regulatory requirement on gas marketers has no precedent anywhere else in the country!- July 30, 2001
NEM Letter to OH PUC Chairman Telephonic enrollment solicitation audio-tapes should not include entire conversations only third party verification should be recorded- July 24, 2001
NEM - NICOR Reply Brief NEM supports the HEPO's conclusions and should be adopted by the commission.
NEM Nicor Gas Brief on Exceptions NEM Opposes Recommendation to separate supply charges and delivery costs
NEM RTO Request to Participate FERC Conference on RTO Interregional Coordination
NEM Initial Brief - New York Case 00-M-0504 April 12, 2001, Urges the Commission to adopt the end-state model.
NEM - Nicor Gas Brief March 23, 2001 Urging Nicor to allow suppliers to act as customer account agents.
NEM - Answer to NAGC Complaint Against U.S. Natural Gas Marketers, March 1, 2001
NEM ICC Response - Feb. 15, 2001 Nicor Gas Pilot - in response to the motion to strike rebuttal Testimony
NEM Brief with NY Public Service Commission Case 00-M-0504 To Exit the Merchant Function Feb. 15, 2001
IL -NEM Submits Testimony in Nicor Gas Proceeding Rebuttal Testimony of Craig Goodman
NEM's Reply Brief in NYSEG Case No. 96-E-0891 Retail Access Credit Phase
NEM Files Petition to Intervene - Illinois In Nicor Pilot Program Proceeding
NEMA Brief on Marketer Licensing NEMA Opposes requirement that Marketers obtain a Certificate of Conveninece and Necessity before supplying electrical power in Michigan
NEMA's Petition for Intervention U-11955 Petition to Intervene in Affiliate Standards Case
NEMA Testimony on Affiliate Standards Expert Testimony filed in Michigan on Affiliate Standards
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