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Gas Daily - NEM Default Service Policy Article: February 8, 2000. The pricing of default services is critical to ensuring competition
NEMA's views on Uniform Business Rules: NEMA stress the importance of uniform business rules to the success of a national energy delivery system
Generation Week - NEMA Lead Story: Group Issues Merchant Plant Guidelines - Reprinted with Permission of the Financial Times Energy USA - 800-424-2908
BNA Article on NEMA's Merchant Plant Guidelines: NEMA issued national guidelines for the devlopment and financing of Merchant Power Plants
NEMA Views on Retail Choice: Independent Energy Article on industry views on retail choice
NEMA's Positions in New York Natural Gas Collaborative: NEMA's Official Hart's Publivcation Article for August 1999 discussing the Natural Gas Unbundling efforts in New York
NEMA Opposes New Tax on Electricty Competition: NEMA battles a surprise new tax on Electricity Competition
Story on Nema Conference: Restructuring today story on NEMA Conference.
NEMA Aides Small Marketers to be active in Restructuring : NEMA helps small marketers to be active in helping to shape the opportunities and regulations that are implelmenting the restructuring of the natural gas and electricity industries.
NEMA Battles New Tax on Electricity Transportation: NEMA filed a formal protest with the government of NY for imposting a new tax on electric competiton
About Nema Conference: Article about NEMA Conference
Restructuring today: Restructuring today article
Energy Connection Article: Energy Connection Article
Final Electricity Paper: Feb. 10, 1999
Final Uniform Code of Conducts: UCC Paper
NEMA's National Guidelines for Natural Gas Unbundling: This document is NEMA's National Guidelines for Unbundling the Natural Gas Distribution Function
Restructuring Article on National Guidelines: Restructuring Article on National Guidelines
Energy Daily 1-13-1999: New York Tax Could Kill Competition
Tax Break Ruling Angers Advocates of Cheaper Power: Tax Break Ruling Angers Advocates of Cheaper Power
Gas Daily: Gas Daily: New York Seeks Sales Tax on local carriage.
Regulation, Law & Economics: The National Energy Marketers Association (NEMA) is working on a new blueprint for electricity restructuring, and hopes to complete it by mid-January.
Power seller quits upstate in bankruptcy: Power seller quits upstate in bankruptcy
Utility Spotlight: FERC Discusses June Price Spikes. Doesn't make major policy Changes
Restructuring Article on NEMA: Restructuring Article on NEMA
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