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August 22, 2014
NEM Mid-Atlantic Energy Policy Summit

Please plan to attend the inaugural NEM Mid-Atlantic Energy Summit to be held at The Center Club in Baltimore, MD on October 21-23, 2014. Registration is now available on the NEM website at this hotlink. Hotel Rooms are available at the NEM Rate of $160 at the Embassy Suites Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, MD. Please contact headquarters if you are interested in sponsoring this event.

Meeting on Natural Gas Electronic Information and Trading Platform

Commissioner Moeller will convene a meeting on September 18, 2014, beginning at 2PM at FERC headquarters, for the purpose of discussing ideas to improve the way in which natural gas is traded and to explore the concept of establishing a centralized trading platform for natural gas. In particular, "the meeting will explore the concept of developing an electronic information and trading platform that would contain bids and offers for the purchase and sale of both commodity and capacity for receipt and delivery points across multiple pipeline systems." The full text of the Meeting Notice is available on the NEM Website.

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CUB/EDF Petition on Open Data Access Framework

CUB and EDF petitioned the Commission to open a proceeding to adopt an Illinois Open Data Access Framework. The proposed framework would serve as the governing standards for access to customer usage data by customers, utilities, and third parties. The proposed framework pertains to data ownership, types of data, third-party access to data, data formats, methods of delivering data, timeliness of data delivery, quality of data, data security, the use of national standards, and whether or not charges should be assessed for accessing data. CUB/EDF argue that since ComEd and Ameren are currently designing and building utility data management systems to work with their AMI deployments, that this framework should be adopted to provide the utilities with guidance as they undertake this work. The full text of the Petition is available on the NEM Website.

IPA Draft Procurement Plan Released

The Illinois Power Agency (IPA) released its Draft Electricity Procurement Plan for the period June 2015 through May 2020, for meeting supply needs of eligible Ameren and ComEd customers. IPA's proposed procurement strategy is to continue using its historical approach - hedging load by procuring on and off-peak blocks of forward energy in a three-year laddered approach - rather than a full requirements contracting approach. IPA proposes to conduct a fall 2015 procurement for energy efficiency as a supply resource for delivery starting in summer 2016. IPA also recommends procurement of SRECs and RECs from distributed generation resources. IPA recommends that capacity, ancillary services, load balancing services, and transmission services be purchased by Ameren from MISO, and by ComEd from PJM. Comments on the Draft Plan are due to IPA by September 15, 2014. The full text of the Draft Plan is available on the NEM Website.

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Retail Gas Market Investigation

The Commission issued a Tentative Order in its retail gas market investigation in which it identified issues for OCMO to examine to bring an improvement in the retail gas market and stimulate customer participation.

The Commission declined to have OCMO examine the issue of utilities exiting the merchant function, although noting it may revisit this decision at any time. The Commission also declined to have OCMO examine further rate unbundling at this time.

OCMO was directed to examine the following issues in the investigation:
1- the SOLR reconciliation process and improvements to timing of the process;
2- capacity assignment and storage, particularly with regard to system reliability;
3- non-discriminatory allocation of access points to local production;
4- balancing issues - scheduling, nominations, tolerances, penalties, cash-outs, standardization;
5- supplier creditworthiness requirements;
6- implementation of seamless moves and instant connects;
7- acceleration of switching timeframes;
8- Standard Offer Programs (for a later phase of the investigation);
9- CAP participation in the retail gas market;
10- enhanced consumer education, particularly;
11- POR program best practices that should be applied more consistently to utility programs;
12- modifications to supplier disclosure requirements;
13- joint utility-supplier bill;
14- remote access to customer account number via secure portal mechanism;
15- migration riders; and
16- electronic data transaction protocols.

The Commission requested comment on additional issues not previously identified in the Tentative Order or previous Order initiating the investigation. Comments are due 30 days after publication of the Tentative Order in the PA Bulletin. The full text of the Tentative Order is available on the NEM Website.

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