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July 10, 2009
NOCO Nominated to Executive Committee

NEM is pleased to announce that NOCO Incorporated (NOCO) has been nominated to NEM's Executive Committee. NOCO Incorporated (NOCO) will be represented by James D. Newman, President; Michael F. Newman; Executive Vice President, Nancy M. Bourque, Director of Human Resources; Mickey Zablonski, Natural Gas & Electric Business Development Manger; and Karen Costa, Natural Gas & Electric Controller.

NOCO owns a portfolio of businesses that supply petroleum derived fuels, natural gas, electricity, specialty gases and lubricant products for the uses of transportation, manufacturing, health and medical care, heating and lighting. The Company, as an integrated distributor, employs a staff of energy procurement, marketing, and distribution specialists; owns a comprehensive fleet of delivery and transportation vehicles; and owns and operates or contracts with related storage and transfer facilities. The Company serves the industrial, commercial, institutional, consumer and residential markets.

NOCO's wholly owned subsidiaries NOCO Electric, LLC and NOCO Natural Gas, LLC operate as Energy Service Companies (ESCo's) pursuant to the rules and regulations of the New York State department of Public Service and the Public Service Commission. The ESCo's market procure, and resell electricity and natural gas to commercial and residential customers across upstate New York. The ESCo's offer customers several pricing and program advantages as compared to regulated utilities.

NAESB Requests Comments on Proposed M&V Standards

NAESB has initiated an informal comment period on the draft recommendation for proposed measurement and verification business practice standards for Retail Electric Market Demand Response programs. The Draft Recommendation is available at this hotlink. All interested parties, regardless of membership status within NAESB may submits comments. The comments will be considered on July 29, 2009 at the DSM-EE Subcommittee meeting scheduled to be held in Carmel, Indiana. Comments are due July 17, 2009. The comments should be forwarded to or faxed to 713-356-0067.

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CPV Maryland Motion

CPV Maryland, filed a motion with the Commission requesting that it: "order one or more investor-owned utilities (“IOUs”) under the PSC’s jurisdiction to enter into 20-year long-term contract(s) . . ., for all the capacity and energy from CPV Maryland’s PSC-approved 640 megawatt (“MW”) combined-cycle natural gas-fired generating station which CPV proposes to build in Charles County, Maryland (the “St. Charles Project” or the “Project”). CPV Maryland further requests that the Commission’s order state that, should the IOUs fail to execute a St. Charles LTC within thirty (30) days of its order, the PSC itself will negotiate one or more such contracts on the IOUs’ behalf." It claims the motion is justified by calls from the legislature for more in-state generation facilities, and that such facilites can only be supported by long-term contracts. The full text of the CPV Maryland Motion is available on the NEM Website.

Meet and Greet Presentations

The Commission convened a Supplier Meet and Greet on the June 18th in Annapolis, Maryland. The speaker presentations from the meet and greet are now available. This includes panel presentations on: Retail Energy and Gas Market Review; Licensing and RPS; Competitive Supply and Consumer Protections; Utility Coordination; and the Mass Market Supplier Panel. Also available with the presentations is a survey for the attendees. The Presentations are available at this hotlink.

New York
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ConEd Seeks Rehearing on Warm Transfer Requirement in Referral Program

The Commission recently approved the expansion of ConEd's ESCO referral program to new service customers. ConEd is seeking rehearing of the Commission's order approving the program expansion related to two issues. First, the Commission required ConEd to implement a "warm transfer" of customer calls to suppliers as part of the program. ConEd cited operational concerns with this requirement and a projected impact on increased call center time to make this change. Additionally, ConEd requests the Commission reconsider its call center staffing requirements and cost recovery for additional representatives. The full text of ConEd's Petition is available on the NEM Website.

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Commission Comparison Report on Market and Utility Prices

The Commission issued a quarterly report comparing market prices for electricity and utilities current capped rates. Specifically, the report details differences in capped rates in the second, third and fourth quarters of 2008 and first and second quarters of 2009 for the five utilities with rate caps. The Commission noted that prices are markedly lower than August 2008. However, "wholesale prices are subject to constant change and can be volatile. The prices may stabilize or trend upward in the future. Therefore, the Commission will continue its actions to migitate potential rate increases. For customers, energy conservation and efficiency are recommended long-term strategies that should provide benefits regardless of where market prices trend in the future." The full text of the Report is available here.

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