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June 11, 2010
NEM Upcoming Events

NEM is planning Industry Policy Leadership Conferences in Pennsylvania and Illinois over the coming months. Please mark your calendars for July 14 and 15, 2010, in Chicago, Illinois. The conference will take place at the University Club of Chicago on 76 East Monroe Street. The Agenda is hotlinked here. You may register for the Summer Conference at this hotlink. Many thanks to Gateway Energy Services, U.S. Gas & Electric and Wal-Mart for sponsoring this Conference.

Please also mark your calendar for October 18-20, 2010, for Harrisburg, PA. The conference will take place at the Hilton Harrisburg on One North Second Street. You may register for the Fall Meeting in Harrisburg at this hotlink.

Our Annual Winter Executive Committee Meeting is scheduled for January 17-19, 2011, in Miami at the famous Doral Hotel and Resort. Many Thanks to Doug Marcille, Vice Chair of NEM’s Executive Committee and CEO of US Gas and Electric for hosting this upcoming Executive Committee Meeting.

TruMarx Data Partners Joins NEM

NEM is pleased to announce that TRUMARX Data Partners has joined the Association. TRUMARX Data Partners will be represented by Jon B. Olson, President and Chief Executive Officer.

TruMarx Data Partners, Inc. is the developer of COMET™, the energy industry’s first web-based execution platform that allows natural gas and power market participants to create an individual private market for each of their bilateral OTC transactions. COMET enables any North American natural gas and power market participant to conduct confidential, bilateral OTC transactions with one or multiple counterparties while automatically creating a complete electronic audit trail to facilitate regulatory reporting compliance. COMET (Community of Energy Transactors) enjoys participation and support from all sectors of the North American natural gas and power industry including Suppliers, Producers, Merchant Generators, Banks, Broker/Dealers, LDCs, Independent Power Producers, Investor-owned Utilities, Industrial Consumers, and Municipal Utilities.

TruMarx Data Partners, Inc. is an experienced team of energy professionals with an established track record in delivering powerful technology solutions for today’s energy market challenges. Led by Jon B. Olson, a twenty-year veteran CEO in the energy markets, the core team has been together for more than 15 years, developing successful software products, data solutions, and custom projects for customers around the globe. Using the internet as a delivery system and employing an open architecture, the team specializes in the connection of large communities of transactors via web-enabled software tools and the normalization of complex proprietary transactional data, so that disparate counterparties all speak the same language. In addition to winning multiple awards for software innovation and data management, the TruMarx team’s skills have helped hundreds of energy market participants, such as exchanges, brokers, producers, consumers, and industry associations, achieve operational efficiency and market leadership.

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Staff Testimony on ComEd POR Proposal

Staff filed Direct Testimony on ComEd's electric POR program proposal. In its testimony Staff recommends that:
1) the recovery of the implementation costs from participating suppliers be achieved through a fixed percentage charge rather than ComEd's proposed fixed per bill charge, which Staff believes could discourage supplier participation, particularly in serving residential and small commercial customers;
2) application of the same percentage charge approved for Ameren should be used for ComEd resulting in an initial residential discount rate of 2.92% and an initial non-residential discount rate of 1.454%;
3) ComEd should be directed to include the suppliers' required bill inserts when ComEd renders a consolidated bill;
4) the proposed tariff language should be modified to make clear that the "all in" requirement applies to residential customers only; and
5) a downward adjustment in ComEd's proposed return on common equity on PORCB assets to 6.61% should be made recognizing that ComEd will be receiving "dollar for dollar" cost recovery for POR.

The full text of Staff's Direct Testimony is available on the NEM Website.

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Commission Approves Electric POR Discount Rates

The Commission issued orders this week approving electric POR discount rates for BGE, Delmarva and Allegheny. The discount rates are as follows:

Residential – 0.6249%
Type I – 0.3674%
Type II – 0.2173%
HPS – 0.0507%

Residential – 2.1879%
Type I – 0.6295%
Type II – 0.0366%
HPS – 0.0048%

Residential – 1.1306%
Type I – 0.1090%
Type II – 0.0372%
Hourly Priced – 0.0127%

The Commission rejected BGE and Delmarva’s proposed risk factors as unsupported by the record and set that factor at zero. The Commission also declined to require BGE and Delmarva to purchase outstanding receivables from prior to point the program goes into effect, but the utilities must continue to bill any past due supplier balances outstanding as of the POR program effective date for a period of 90 days. Allegheny had offered to purchase outstanding receivables and the Commission directed Allegheny to do so on the date on which the discount rate goes into effect. The utilities are to file revised tariffs by July 1, 2010, with an effective date of July 15, 2010, implementing the Commission's decisions. The full text of the Orders on BGE, Delmarva and Allegheny are available on the NEM Website.

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Electric Utilities' Proposed POR Model Terms and Conditions

The electric utilities filed proposed Model POR Terms and Conditions with the Department. By the terms of the proposal, participating suppliers would be paid, "the full amounts due from Customers for Generation Service, less a percentage of such amounts that reflects the average of the uncollectible bills for the participating Customer classes of the Company and other reasonable development, operating and carrying costs incurred, as approved by the MDPU." Under the proposal, average payment periods and the percentages will be updated annually, with full reconciliation. The Department will convene a technical conference on July 19, 2010, to consider the proposed terms and conditions. Comments on the utilities' filing are due June 21, 2010. The full texts of the Proposed POR Model Terms & Conditions and Notice of Technical Conference and Request for Comments are available on the NEM Website.

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Alternative Energy Program Standards Credit Compliance Program

The Commission will hold an Alternative Energy Program Standards (AEPS) Credit Compliance Summit on June 17, 2010 from 1PM to 4PM. Participation is required for electric utilities and suppliers that either had retail electric sales during June 1, 2009, to May 31, 2010, or anticipate such sales during June 1, 2010, to May 31, 2011. The meeting agenda includes presentations by Commission Staff, the AEPS Credit Administrator, a representative of Generation Attribute Tracking System and the Department of Environmental Protection pertaining to their roles in overseeing AEPS compliance as well as utility/supplier requirements to satisfy AEPS obligations. The full text of the Notice is available on the NEM Website.

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