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May 25, 2017
NEM Western Energy Policy Summit

Please mark your calendars and plan to join us for NEM's Western Energy Policy Summit on October 23-25, 2017. The Summit will take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. An agenda is forthcoming. You may register at this hotlink.

Post-Conference Request for Comments on State Policies and Eastern RTOs/ISOs

Following up on the technical conference convened by FERC Staff at the beginning of the month on the interplay between state policy goals and the Eastern RTOs/ISOs, FERC is requesting comment on topics discussed during the conference. This includes the five potential paths forward that were identified: limited or no minimum offer price rule; accommodation of state actions; status quo; pricing state policy choices; and expanded minimum offer price rule. For the five paths forward that were identified, commenters are asked to discuss corresponding wholesale market changes that would be needed, feasibility of implementation, impact on market participants ability to make long-term decisions, and the near-term and long-term sustainability.

Staff also requests comment on the following:

"1. The principles and objectives that should guide the selection of a path forward, as well as the principles and objectives that should guide rule changes that would be required by their suggested approach.
2. The degree of urgency for reconciling wholesale markets and state policies and if that urgency necessitates both a near-term (e.g., next one to three years) approach and a different long-term approach. To the extent commenters advocate for different near-term and long-term solutions, please explain what type of transition is needed and why, and how the suggested near-term approach will facilitate achievement of the suggested long-term approach.
3. Long-term expectations regarding the relative roles of wholesale energy and capacity markets and state policies in the Eastern RTOs/ISOs in shaping the quantity and composition of resources needed to cost effectively meet future reliability and operational needs.
4. What procedural steps the Commission should take, if any, to reconcile the competitive market framework with the increasing interest by states to support particular resources and resource attributes that might facilitate such reconciliation."

Comments are due June 22, 2017. The full text of the Notice Requesting Comments is available on the NEM Website.

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AB405 on Net Metering Passes Assembly

The Assembly passed AB405 on net metering this week. The Senate has until the end of the session on June 5th to vote on it. AB405 would restore some regulatory certainty after a Nevada PUC decision to slash net metering rates in 2016. The bill utilizes a tiered approach for calculating the net metering adjustment charge based on the overall penetration of rooftop solar installations throughout the state. The bill also establishes contractual requirements for the lease or purchase of distributed generation systems or a power purchase agreement for distributed generation system output.

If a DG lease or purchase agreement or PPA makes a reference to electric utility pricing it would be required to include the following disclosure: "Actual utility rates may go up or down and actual savings may vary. For further information regarding rates, you may contact your local utility or the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada."

AB405 would also establish a Renewable Energy Bill of Rights that recognizes people's right to generate, consumer and export renewable energy and reduce use of electricity obtained from the grid; use storage technology at residences; the right to timely connect renewable resources to the electric meter; and the right to remain on the existing rate class that would have been applicable in the absence of a net metering system.

The full text of AB405 is available on the NEM Website.

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