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March 13, 2015
NEM 18th Annual National Energy Restructuring Conference

NEM will convene its 18th Annual National Energy Restructuring Conference on April 29th-May 1st, 2015. This year the conference will focus on “Redesigning Wholesale and Retail Energy Markets - Enhanced Reliability, Consumer Services and Advanced Technologies." The conference will begin with a Welcome Reception on the evening of April 29th at the Georgetown Club. The next two days of substantive discussion will take place at the Embassy Suites, Washington, DC Convention Center.

Confirmed participants include: Philip Moeller, FERC Commissioner; Colette Honorable, FERC Commissioner; Catherine Pugh, Maryland State Senator; Audrey Zibelman, NYPSC Chairman; Betty Ann Kane, DCPSC Chairman; John Quackenbush, MIPSC Chairman; Edward Finley, NCUC Chair; James Cawley, PAPUC Commissioner; Gladys Brown, PAPUC Commissioner; Anne Hoskins, MDPSC Commissioner; Steven Lesser, PUCO Commissioner; Lisa Polak Edgar, FLPSC Commissioner; Tim Echols, GAPSC Commissioner; Joseph Fiordaliso, NJBPU Commissioner; Dianne Solomon, NJBPU Commissioner; Upendra Chivikula, NJBPU Commissioner; Andrew Ott, Exec. VP, PJM; Dr. Joseph Bowring, PJM Market Monitor; Jon Wellinghoff, Stoel Rives.

You may register for the conference at this hotlink. The Agenda is available here.

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NEM Comments on Proposed Licensing and Bonding Requirements

NEM filed comments on the Commission's proposed electricity supplier licensing and bonding regulations. Current requirements are set forth in Commission Orders. The existing requirements form the basis for the proposed regulations, subject to certain modifications. NEM commented on those areas. NEM requested: 1) the proposal to require ten days advance notice before soliciting customers should be reconsidered; 2) clarification that the proposal regarding photo identification for in-person sales representatives is with respect to presentation to actual consumers, and not for filing with the Commission; 3) clarification as to the compliance obligation associated with the proposed Privacy Protection Policy; and 4) the requirement to file marketing materials should not be interpreted as an on-going obligation to provide any and all materials that change over time. NEM supported the proposal to have supplier compliance staff complete a Commission-sponsored electricity supplier education workshop. The full text of NEM's Comments is available on the NEM Website.

Pepco POR Discount Rate Filing

Pepco filed a report with the Commission with proposed updates to its POR discount rates. The changes are proposed to become effective June 1, 2015.

The proposed revised discount rates are as follows:

Residential, Schedule R - 0.0000%
Residential, Schedule AE - 0.8081%
Residential, Schedule RAD - 5.2686%
Residential, Schedule RAD-AE - 5.6553%
Residential, Schedule R-TM - 0.0000%
Small Commercial, Schedules GS-LV ND, T, SL, TS and TN - 0.0000%
Large Commercial, Schedules GS-LV, GS-3A, GT-LV, GT-3A, GT-3B and RT - 0.0000%
Market Priced, Schedules GSLVND, GS-LV, GS-3A, GT-LV, GT-3A, T, SL, and TS - 0.0419%

The full text of the Pepco POR Discount Rate Filing is available on the NEM Website.

Investigation into WGL Purchase Gas Charge

The Commission opened an investigation into WGL's default natural gas supply service provided to customers through the Purchase Gas Charge (PGC). The Commission noted that although WGL's previous PGC, "filings are accepted subject to audit, to date no independent audit of the PGC has been conducted. The Commission believes that a more in-depth review of the PGC is warranted to ensure that the rates being charged for natural gas supply service to default customers are just and reasonable." The Commission noted that default electric supply is obtained through a competitive procurement process whereas default natural gas supply is acquired pursuant to tariff and is primarily based on NYMEX pricing. The full text of the Order is available on the NEM Website.

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HB4298 Introduced to End Retail Electric Choice

Michigan House Majority Floor Leader Nesbitt introduced a bill last week, HB4298, that would end retail electric choice. HB4298 is part of an eight bill package on state energy policy. The bill specifically provides that:

"Beginning on the effective date of the amendatory Act that added this sentence, both of the following apply to electric service in this State:

(A) Customers purchasing electricity from an electric utility shall continue to receive electric service from that electric utility.
(B) Except as otherwise provided in this subdivision, alternative electric suppliers shall not provide retail customers with electric generation service or enter into agreements to provide retail customers with Electric Generation Service. Retail customers currently purchasing electric generation service from an Alternative Electric Supplier must return to receiving electric service from the incumbent electric utility when the primary term of their existing agreement with the alternative electric supplier expires. An Alternative Electric Supplier shall not provide electric generation service under an agreement entered into before the effective date of the amendatory act that added this subdivision, beyond the primary term of the agreement."

The full texts of HB4298 and the Republican Plan Summary entitled "Powering Michigan" are available on the NEM Website.

New York
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Collaborative on ESCO Service to Low Income Customers

Staff circulated an agenda for next Thursday's collaborative meeting on issues related to ESCO service to low income customers. The meeting will focus on the following: 1) technologies and mechanisms for ESCOs to confirm low income status while marketing; 2) definitions of services ESCOs are authorized to provide to low income customers; 3) protections for existing low income ESCO customers and ESCO customers who subsequently become qualified low income program participants; and 4) EDI changes necessary for bill credits to accommodate the guaranteed savings. Staff has also prepared a starting point of discussion document regarding defining qualified energy-related value-added services for low income customers; and notification to existing assistance program participant ESCO customers, and customers who become APPs while on ESCO service, of their options. The full texts of the Agenda and Staff Discussion Document are available on the NEM Website.

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