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October 20, 2006
Upcoming NEM Meetings

NEM's Fall 2006 Industry Leadership Roundtable and Regulatory Workshop will be held October 24-25, 2006, at the Doubletree Hotel, in Wilmington, Delaware. Washington Gas Energy Services has generously offered to host the meeting. Vice Chairman Cawley of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is confirmed as a keynote speaker for October 25th. Commissioner Lester of the Delaware Public Service Commission will also attend. Key staff members from Pennsylvania and Delaware will also participate. Please register using this hotlink.

Matrix Imaging Solutions Inc. Joins NEM

We are pleased to announce that Matrix Imaging Solutions Inc. has joined NEM. Matrix Imaging Solutions Inc. was founded in 1988. Matrix Imaging Solutions Inc. began providing document processing services (printing and mailing of transactional documents, such as utility bills) in 1991 and has focused on providing state-of-the-art solutions for document processing requirements. Matrix Imaging Solutions will be represented within NEM by Richard M. Profeta, Treasurer and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Matrix Imaging Solutions services include layout and design, printing and all aspects of document processing mailing services. Their programming & data processing enables us them to offer attractive options to in-house document processing without significant impact on current operating systems. Their normal processing time is 24 hours “in the mail” from receipt of data, and they mail at First Class Automated Bar Code Rates ($ .293 - .326). Currently, they have two processing locations, Sanborn, New York and San Antonio, Texas, with a dedicated staff of over 75 full time employees. These two locations average approximately 9 million documents per month (printing and mailing), from a customer base of over 330 clients. They also have Electronic Delivery (EBPP) and Archiving solutions and can print in house 4 color promotional inserts.

Richard M. Profeta is owner/partner in Matrix Imaging Solutions. He joined the company in 1994 and serves as Treasurer and Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Mr. Profeta has over 35 years experience in the print and mail industry. He started his career with Moore Business Forms, Inc in 1972. Throughout his tenure at Moore, he was consistently recognized for his achievements in both sales and outstanding leadership as Regional Manager in New York City area. With Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc., Mr. Profeta is focused on opening new markets and sharing his extensive knowledge of the economic benefits, along with emerging technology associated with business critical outsourcing of document management. Under his leadership, Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc. was recognized as 2006 “High Tech Company of the Year” by the State University of New York. Mr. Profeta obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Lycoming College, with special emphasis in marketing and management.

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MichCon Testimony on Sale of Storage Gas

MichCon filed testimony in support of its application to sell excess storage gas as part of its overall planned storage facility enhancements. MichCon argues that of the 17 Bcf decrement of storage gas at issue, that 4 Bcf is Native Base Gas that is treated for accounting purposes as Utility Plant inasmuch as these "volumes of Base Gas that were present at the time of development of the gas storage field and are considered the primary volumes of base gas inventory required to meet storage field operations." MichCon is requesting to sell this 4 Bcf of Native Base Gas to non-system supply customers at market prices. MichCon proposes to keep the financial benefit of these sales. With the respect to the remaining 13 Bcf, MichCon characterizes it as working gas inventory that is "considered a source of system supply for sales customers and thus, pursuant to MPSC regulations, all gas costs associated with working gas storage withdrawals are included as part of the Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) mechanism." MichCon estimates that, "the net impact to GCR customers for the 13 Bcf decrement will be an estimated gas cost reduction of $28.1 million" for the period of 2006 and 2007. Moreover, it argues that the improved storage facilities will benefit "all of MichCon's retail customers" to the extent it can "incrementally improve its financial health by developing new revenue streams from sources other than retail customers." The full text of MichCon's Testimony is available on the NEM Website.

New Jersey
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Energy Master Plan

An Energy Master Plan (EMP) is being developed for the State by a committee of commissioners and leaders from nine state agencies and the Governor’s Office of Economic Growth. Goals and objectives identified in a draft of the plan include: secure, safe and reasonably priced energy supplies and services; economic growth and development; and environmental protection. Of particular note, specific goals include containing electricity prices per unit in New Jersey to no more than + 5% of the regional average and to eliminate transmission congestion by 2020 to equalize wholesale LMPs. Natural gas prices per unit are recommended to remain below the national average price by at least 15%.

The committee scheduled a series of public meetings next week to receive input. The meetings will take place as follows: October 23rd (9:30AM-12:30) at the Board's offices in Newark; October 24th (6-9PM) War Memorial in Trenton; October 25th (2-5PM) Delaware River Port Authority in Camden; and October 26th (6-9PM) Atlantic Cape Community College in Atlantic City.

The committee plans to hold additional statewide public meetings on January 22-25, 2007, public hearings on the Energy Master Plan on July 23-31, 2007, and to adopt the EMP by October 2007. The full texts of the Energy Master Plan Draft Documents are available on the NEM Website.

New York
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Policy Statement on Broadband over Power Line

The Commission issued a policy statement finding that the deployment of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) is in the public interest. The Commission issued a series of principles to guide BPL deployments: "1) The deployment of economically viable BPL technology by electric companies solely to support electric system operations does not raise subsidization or cost allocation issues and is, therefore, permitted; 2) The deployment of BPL technology to provide communications services to the public implemented through a landlord model in which an independent party provides BPL services using utility assets is preferred; 3) The deployment of BPL technology to provide communications services to the public may not be implemented by regulated electric utilities but may be implemented through a structurally separated utility affiliate (or similar approach with at least the same degree of separation) subject to acceptable cost allocation, affiliate transaction and related business rules designed to prevent customer and utility subsidization and support of the competitive BPL service provider. Any such arrangements should be presented to us with a showing that customers and competition are not harmed; 4) Circumstances may arise when work related to the BPL system must be performed by utility employees or utility approved contractors. Utilities should have procedures in place to assure that no direct or indirect costs associated with this work, other than costs associated with support of electric operations, shall be collected from ratepayers or charged to utility operations; 5) Utilities remain responsible for ensuring safe and adequate electric service. The BPL provider is primarily responsible for responding to all customer service and collateral service complaints and issues, including any related to interference produced by BPL equipment; 6) The BPL provider and the utility should develop procedures for sharing and protecting customer and system information; 7) Pole attachment tariffs will continue to apply to attachments to utility poles by BPL providers; and 8) BPL providers should pay a fee for the ability to access the electric utility system. Such a fee could be based on a sharing of revenues or profits. This fee should eventually be based on prevailing market conditions if BPL becomes economically viable and is deployed on wide scale basis." The full text of the BPL Policy Statement is available on the NEM Website.

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Demand Response Working Group Meeting

The Commission recently directed the Demand Response Working Group to reconvene to investigate energy efficiency, conservation, demand response, advanced metering infrastructure and ratemaking mechanisms. An organizational meeting of the entire Working Group will be convened November 16, 2006, at 10AM in Hearing Room 1. A subgroup will be formed to focus on Ratemaking Mechanisms, which will initially meet at 1PM in Executive Chambers. Additional details will be forthcoming. In order to be included in the Commission's distribution list for this proceeding contact Lori Shumberger in the Office of Communications at or (717) 783-9998.

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