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NY-NEM Cmts on NYSEG Request for Retail Market Investigation NEM Comments on NYSEG's Request for Retail Market Investigation
NEM Submits Comments on Staff's Stranded Cost Strawman #2 NEM submitted comments on Staff's Second Stranded Cost Strawman. NEM submitted that it was concerned that the proposed fluctuating charge based on monthly switch rates will force consumers and retailers to continue to face even greater risks and uncertain
NEM Submits Comments on Second Stranded Cost Strawman NEM submitted that Staff's proposed fluctuating charge based on monthly switch rates will force consumers and retailers to continue to face even greater risks and uncertainties than the current process affords. NEM recommends that net stranded costs be co
NEM Submits Comments on Renewable Portfolio Standard NEM submitted comments on NYPSC's Proposed Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). NEM stated that imposing a RPS on ESCOs at this stage in the development of New York's retail market will increase the cost of serving New York consumers and decrease the amoun
NEM Comments on Stranded Costs NEM submitted comments pursuant to the inquiry on computation of "just and reasonable net stranded costs." NEM argued that any determination of costs that are stranded must necessarily address the issue of whether the "unavoidable"
NEM Comments on Gas Cost Recovery Mechanism In the context of the applications of Columbia Gas, DEO, and CG&E to adjust their Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) for the month of April, NEM has filed comments supporting the request of members Shell Energy Services and Energy America for an investigation into t
NEM Comments on Implementation of HEFPA Legislation NEM has submitted comments on implementation of the HEFPA law. NEM argued that the utilities in the unbundling proceeding must be required to fully unbundle their rates to reflect the embedded costs of providing the competitive function of consumer protec
NYPSC Issues Notice Soliciting Comments on Proposed Modifica The NYPSC issued proposed revisions to the Uniform Business Practice rules to "strengthen requirements for discontinuance of an ESCO’s participation in retail access programs and reduce security requirements for ESCOs, clarify procedures for changing serv
NYPSC Requests Comments on HEFPA Rule Implementation & on P NYPSC Requests Comments on HEFPA Rule Implementation & NEM submitted comments on Staff's proposal regarding competitive metering for C&I customers to be implemented by January 1, 2004.
NEM Submits Comments on AGS Licensing Proposal & on ConEd El NEM submitted comments on Staff's proposed licensing procedures for alternative gas suppliers (AGSs). ConEd proposed to reduce the backout credits for Phase 6 of its electric choice program to $0.00025/kWh for residential customers and $0.00018/kWh for al
Parties File Comments on Components of Default Service NEM and other interested parties filed comments on the proper components of default service. Constellation NewEnergy, Strategic Energy, Appalachian Power and Allegheny Power are among the parties that agree with NEM that the price set for default service
NEM Summary of January SMD Comments On July 31, 2002, FERC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) on Remedying Undue Discrimination through Open Access Transmission Service and Standard Electric Market Design. Parties submitted Initial Comments on November 15, 2002 and a second round
NEM reports Joint Comments from WA and NC NEM filed Comments on the SMD NOPR that addressed the jurisdiction issues raised by the Joint Commenters. Specifically, NEM argued that the Commission made the requisite findings required by the Supreme Court for FERC to issue these proposed rules. The Co
NEM FIles FCC Comments Do Not Call List, NEM urges monitoring and enforcement with State PUCs. Nov. 21, 2002
NEM Letter Sent to Premier Eves NEM Letter to Ontario Premier Eves on Proposed Electric Price Freeze.
NEM Files FERC Comments Submits comments on FERC's Standard Market Design Rulemaking.
NEM Files IL Comments Comments for Illinois Commission's Report on Illinois Maket.
NEM Submits NYSEG Trial Brief Unbundling Proceeding, November 4, 2002
NEM Submits Comments in GA Submits comments on Market Forces Rulemaking.
NEM Submits Trial Brief in NY Unbundling Proceeding, Oct. 29, 2002
NEM Submits FTC Comments NEM Submits Comments to FTC on Internet Competition in the Competitive Energy Industry
NEM Files Comments in VA Comments on the competitive provision of default services 8/8/2002
NEM Files MA Comments In the Distributed Generation Proceeding, July 26, 2002
NEM Files MA Comments In the Default Service Proceeding, July 26, 2002
NEM Submits NV Comments On Assembly Bill 661
NEM Submits Comments in VA On Wires Charge Calculation Methodology
NEM Submits Comments in Ohio In Opposition to DEO and Columbia Gas Proposed Modifications to GCR Rate Calculations
NEM Files NY Comments NEM Supports Gas Metering on a competitive basis
NEM Comments on Proposed Do-Not-Call Registry Telemarketer Rulemaking - User Fees
NEM Submits FERC Comments on Standardized Generation Interconnection.
NEM Submits FERC Supplemental Comments Standards of Conduct for Transmission Providers
NEM Files MI Testimony of Philip O'Connor Application of Detroit Edison to unbundle its retail rates - MPSC Case No. U-13286
NEM Submits ILLINOIS Comments NEM and Members Submit Comments in support of Telephonic and Internet Enrollment
NEM Files MI Comments Comments on DTE Energy's 2002 Customer Service Improvement Plan, and Staff's Report
NEM Submits VA Comments On Questions Related to the Facilitation of Effective Retail Competition in the State.
NEM Comments on EIA Form 910 NEM files comments on proposed extension of EIA Form 910
NEM Files FTC Comments On Telemarketing Sales Rules - NOPR.
NEM Files NY Comments On ConEd's Phase 5 Filing, ConEd's proposed Reduction of the Retail Access Credit should be rejected.
NEM Files FERC Comments On the Working Paper on Standardized Transmission Service and Wholesale Electric Market Design.
NEM NY Comments on Procedural Schedule NEM recommends that the Procedural Schedule be amended to provide specific timelines for review and comment on the June 15 filings
NEM FERC Comments NEM says an integrated one-stop shop for commercial and reliability standards.
NEM FERC Comments RM02-3 NEM urges that the NOPR be rescinded on Derivatives Accounting and Reporting
NEM Files IL Brief on Exceptions Commonwealth Edison Company
NEM Files NY Reply Comments On Issues 2-3-4 in Unbundling Proceeding
NEM Files NJ Comments on BGS Basic Generation Service - Post Transition Procedures
NEM Submits NY Initial Comments On Issues 2-3-4 in Unbundling Proceeding
NEM Comments on Standard Market Design NOPR NEM submitted comments on the Commission's Standard Market Design rulemaking urging the Commission to insist on adherence to the principles originally set forth in the NOPR and Order 2000 that would ensure large, highly standardized RTOs/ITPs. NEM also no
NEM MA Comments in Competitive Market Proceeding Initial Comments of Competitive Suppliers Regarding Phase II and Internet-Based Customer Authorizations
NEM NY Comments on Customer Payment Allocations NEM submits that payments should be applied first to the consumables portion of the bill then non-consumables
NEM Files NY Comments on TSLRIC Total Service Long Run Incremental Costs. November 15, 2001
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